Get the most from your advertising dollar

1. Be aware that advertising can work
“I don’t believe in advertising. We ran an ad three years ago and didn’t get one call!” We’ve all heard that before. But how many firms evaluate where the ad was placed, what it said, its size, and why they thought one-shot ad would produce results. If only they’d thought of the following:
2. Get inside the customer’s head
Always start with the customer. What they want, do you have an offer that other firms don’t? Do you have solution or just product?
3. Select the right media
The key is the right medium to reach the right people. National, regional and local newspapers, magazines, radio, television, letterbox flyers, posters, Internet, direct mailings, sandwich boards, etc. Different media reach different audiences. Don’t buy on the price of the ad.
4. Use quality ad
Investing in quality is well worth the cost. You’re competing with others for the readers’, listeners’ or viewers’ attention, so the longer you hold their attention the better.
5. Make it easy to respond
Whatever and however you’re advertising, make it easy for them to respond. Toll-free number, credit card facility, pre-paid postcard, etc.
6. Give irresistible benefits
In addition to old fashioned ‘reliability’, and ‘after sales service’, we see discounts for free steak knives, two-for-the-price-of-one offers, delayed payments, free gifts etc. What can your offer?
7. Plan and follow an advertising schedule
If you run your ad once, it’s unlikely majority of people will see or hear it, let alone respond to it. Advertising should be out there when someone needs you. To be effective an ad must run three to seven times.
9. Remember advertising is only part of your total marketing programme
Combine ads with press releases, and media stories about your company and its services and products.

From Just about Everything Manager Needs to Know, by Neil Flanagan & Jarvis Finger, Plum Press. Copy information to email: [email protected]

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