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Business decision makers are 12.8 percent more likely to have more than two passenger vehicles at home. Some 65.3 percent of business people have two or more vehicles in their households, compared with 58.4 percent of all New Zealanders surveyed.
How many passenger vehicles (cars and light vans) are owned in your household?
SENIOR Business
All New Zealanddecision makers
A. 136.6%33.5%
B. 239.3%44.1%
C. 313.8%15.3%
D. 43.3%3.1%
E. 50.8%1.8%
F. 6 or more1.2%0.9%
G. none5.0%1.2%
Source: ShapeNZ Dec 14, 2010, to February 11, 2011. National online weighted survey of 2094 respondents and sub group of 537 business executives, managers, professionals, proprietors and self employed. Maximum margin of error +/- 2.1%.,
ShapeNZ is operated by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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