LETTER TO THE EDITOR : Views well known

My comments in your June article on savings are out of context and imply that I do not believe there is savings issue in New Zealand. My views on this issue are well documented and the article, as written, is inconsistent with them.
For clarification, I would direct readers to foreword to NZX’s OPEN Magazine written in 2004 that, for me, drew line in the sand: www.nzx.com/aboutus/publications/open3_2004.pdf
My views on KiwiSaver are documented in the following link:
www.nzx.com/aboutus/publications/open2_2006.pdf and in the following public statements by NZX: www.nzx.com/aboutus/news/press/NZXBudget_17May
•Mark Weldon
NZX, Wellington

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