M-tech: Samsung cameras open digital doors

Two new-to-market digital cameras from Samsung, the Digimax 340 and 410, demonstrate the company’s intention to make digital photography accessible and affordable to the mass market. Massive growth is predicted in the digital camera market – global sales are expected to leap from six million cameras last year to 7.9 million in 2002. The Digimax 340 is 3.2 mega-pixel camera that has standard auto functions found on the most popular compact 35mm cameras. It features 3x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom, an optical zoom viewfinder and 1.6 TFT-LCD monitor for preview and review of images. The Digimax 410 has 4.0 mega-pixel image sensor, for photographers who want very high resolution. Both cameras can also record short video segments, with sound, and have separate ‘audio only’ recording function that allows the photographer to ‘tag’ sound bites or descriptions onto individual photos. The Digimax 340 and 410 follow the arrival of the 350se model earlier this year.

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