Managing with a minimum of fuss

Human dynamics, entrepreneurship, leadership, loyalty, assertiveness, change, time, these are few of the hundreds of issues managers face every day.
Now, it could take years of reading to get handle on these subjects, but in Just About Everything Manager Needs to Know, you can find solution in minute – or five.
Over the years, one of the most popular pages in this magazine has been the ‘Hot Tips’ page – where we’ve featured pieces from Flanagan and Finger’s, earlier publication, Management in Minute.
Feedback from readers is that they’ve enjoyed its easy and commonsense approach to topics, most of which arise in their numerous day to day management responsibilities.
The key to the new publication is its structure and layout, designed for practising, hands-on managers to keep on their desks, ready for use.
They’ve extracted proven, prac-tical content from an outstanding library of management literature, and distilled this into over 200 topics that are quickly found, read and understood.
Each topic is cross referenced and presented as step by step solution to management problem and issue.
And they’ve taken it online.
Just about everything online is an online learning tool, which can be installed as corporate intranet.
Here the goal is to let managers take charge of their own learning development, when they want to.
Using “skill check” they can self-assess their management and leadership competencies under range of areas from leadership, policy and planning, information and analysis, people skills, customer focus, or the quality of processes.
A response analysis tells them which skills are important for their current job and highlights the top 10 development priorities and top 10 strengths.
This self assessment helps people assess their own training and development needs to meet with their organisation’s expectations.
It also helps planning for further study and training in specific topic areas.

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