NZ’s bosses out-rank their Oz, US and Brit counterparts

So says Kelly Services managing director Debbie Grenfell, who cites the results of her company’s most recent Global Workforce Index survey.

Kelly Services canvassed the views of around 97,000 people in 30 countries for the survey. It includes responses from over 1800 people in this country.

New Zealand’s employers ranked higher than their contemporaries in Australia, the US, and the UK.

When asked to rate their bosses based on their performance, New Zealand’s employees delivered an average score of 6.7 out of 10, and ranking of 11 out of the 30 countries included in the survey: the US ranked 12th, Australia 13th and the UK 19th.

When asked, just over half of Kiwi employees said they felt that their efforts at work were recognised and rewarded.

Almost half (46 percent) of New Zealand employees believed their boss has done good job preparing them for future success.

Almost two-thirds (61 percent) of New Zealand employees surveyed would be “highly likely” to recommend their current employer to friend or acquaintance.

Just over half (57 percent) of Australian respondents would be willing to do so, followed by the US, with 54 percent.

Results of the survey in New Zealand show:

• The most important quality in good boss is leadership style, nominated by 29 percent, slightly ahead of communication style (25 percent), and vision and clear direction (20 percent).

• Almost half of respondents (43 percent) describe their organisation’s leadership culture as either “empowering” or “inclusive”. total of 32 percent describe it as “authoritative” or “oppressive”.

• Slightly more than half (52 percent) indicate their efforts at work are recognised and rewarded.

• Among those respondents who say they feel rewarded and recognised for their work, almost three-quarters (71 percent) say this takes the form of being “noticed by management”, while 16 percent receive bonuses or incentives, and 11 percent are acknowledged through formal programmes.


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