Nobilangelo Ceramalus replies to Terry Bicknell over Compuserve (June issue). “(Bicknell) certainly missed the point – indeed, all the points. I said – went out of my way – to say ?especially on uploads’, but all his comments are about downloads. Downloads can be bad (it took three shots to get my email this morning: the first timed out on the first message; the second could not establish connection; the third downloaded all 33 messages – the attempts were four minutes apart).
“But uploads are by far the worst. I made that point. He failed to read it.
“And he failed, in spite of the fact that his letter was longer than my article, to address my other points, such as charging for connect-time generated by Compuserve, and not having 56k modems.
“His technical knowledge is obvious-ly minimal. My whole piece was based on detailed technicalities. I stand by my article 200 percent and have vast amount of evidence to prove it.”

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