Products most suitable on the internet

1. 32 percent. The computer industry. Modems, computers, accessories and software.
2. 24 percent. The travel industry. Travel, hotels and events.
3. 19 percent. The entertainment industry. Interactive leisure products such as edutainment (infotainment and games), music and films (video, DVD and CD), books.
4. 10 percent. Gifts and flowers. Chocolates, postcards, flowers, gimmicks, merchandising,
5. 10 percent. Apparel and other product categories. Insurance and banking. Search databases/reference works. Transport, dispatch and communication. News reporting, research, information.
6. 5 percent. Food and beverage. Personal placing of orders and delivery. Provisions (food, drink, etc)
Source: Brand Building on the Internet by Lindstrom and Andersen.

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