Queasy Moments

Here’s an alarming statistic to make few first time managers feel bit queasy.
Within the first l8 months on the job, 40 percent of all new managers fail by either getting fired, voluntarily bowing out of the position or receiving bad review, according to Manchester Inc, business consulting group based near Philadelphia.
In survey of more than 825 HR managers nationwide, the firm found the number one problem among newly promoted managers (as cited by 82 percent of respondents) was failure to build partnerships and team work.
Seven first-time managers’ mistakes and how to avoid them:-
1. Don’t expect carbon copies of yourself.
2. Don’t fail to communicate.
3. Study office politics.
4. Pace yourself, don’t take off with sprint.
5. Don’t try and play santa to everyone.
6. Don’t stop there. Improve yourself.
7. Step through the glory daze.

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