Transformational Leadership Idealised Attributes & Behaviours:

Leaders are seen as respected, trusted role models, they can be counted on, and demonstrate high moral and ethical standards.
Inspirational Motivation:
Leader’s behaviour motivates and inspires followers, team spirit is aroused, enthusiasm and optimism is displayed and both leaders and followers create positive visions of the future.
Intellectual Stimulation:
Leaders stimulate and encourage innovation, creativity, and questioning of old assumptions. New ideas are welcomed and there should be no fear of mistakes or going against the grain.
Individualised Consideration:
Special attention is paid to each individual’s needs and differences. Effective listening, developing potential and personalised interaction are all components of this leadership style.

Transactional Leadership
Contingent Reward:
Leader and follower agree on what needs to be done and for what reward.
Management-by-exception (active):
Leader actively monitors errors, mistakes or any deviation from standards and norms.
Management-by-exception (passive):
Leader passively waits until problem or mistake arises then reacts.
Non-transaction, necessary decisions left unmade, responsibilities of leadership ignored.

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