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Why not be a director?

Being a director is not for the faint hearted. It can be a full on, demanding and daunting role, but it’s also an opportunity to help build a strong, fair

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BUY YOUR NOVEMBER ISSUE HERE …… While 2020 has been a year that, I am sure, many would like to forget it doesn’t seem, at this point in time at least,

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What’s your purpose?

Having a purpose, beyond profit, that is Governing for purpose beyond profit is one of the defining governance transformations of current times. While there was always an element of this in

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Management November 2020

Rethinking the way we think of work: The difference between productivity and value creation  Supporting and engaging employees in challenging times Market for D&O insurance hardest in living memory  Why a

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Reclaim your time

The pandemic lockdown has seen many business leaders transform the way they work and it’s probably fair to say a good number will have had to up their personal technological

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BUY YOUR AUGUST ISSUE HERE …… Our workplaces are changing and it’s probably fair to say so are both leaders and employees as the pandemic continues to dominate how we all

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Time for a career pivot?

As the global pandemic sees New Zealand unemployment levels rise, is it time for a career rethink? The fallout from the global pandemic has already seen tens of thousands of New

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Let’s get a win from this

Companies have now seen that the previous concerns they had around employees working from home, and the need for present-ism, were largely overblown and that productivity was often higher at

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Management August 2020

New technologies can help create diverse workplaces The future of workplace flexibility Reclaim your time: Clever productivity tools tech-savvy leaders use Time for a career pivot? Tips on winning bids and

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Building trustworthy AI

The AI Forum of New Zealand has recently published a set of guiding principles to help build public trust in the development and use of artificial intelligence across New Zealand.

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Professional Development Guide 2020

View PDF here. A new world of professional leadership development As the coronavirus epidemic changes every aspect of our society and our economy, professional leadership development in New Zealand and

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How to ensure you rebound

It’s time for leaders to excel.  Tony Smale, of Forté Management, asks what leaders’ rebound strategies are and explains why being in a position to rebound once this is all over is so important.

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Leading your virtual team

If your employees are some of the many thousands of workers who have made the transition to working from home, it pays to be aware that it isn’t always smooth

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Management May 2020

This, too, will pass: How can we prepare for a new normal? The truth about why leadership fails (and what’s needed instead) Professional Development Guide: A new world of professional

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FEBRUARY ISSUE OUT NOW A new year and a fresh start. And certainly, something does feel very fresh about reaching the 2020s. For our first issue of the year we’ve looked

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Who goes there?

Facial recognition technology is here. But as with many fast-moving technological developments, the law has not always kept up with the pace of change, which leads to varying approaches taken

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