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Every now and then product is launched that changes the way in which people use technology. At IFA this year, that product was Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, device that is tipped to knock the iPad off its current pedestal.
The problem with devices like the iPad is the size. Fantastic slipped into laptop bag or briefcase, they’re not quite as handy in the pocket and constitute yet another device to carry around. The Galaxy Tab surpassed the tablet rumours circulating prior to IFA. The new 7-inch “smart media device” is said to represent “a true paradigm shifter that will change our lives”.
At 380g it’s smaller and lighter than other tablet-type devices, yet can still take calls. This is in line with Samsung’s brand statement: “Creating smarter life” where multifunctional mobility without compromising on performance is key.
You can take photos and video with it, blog, work, check emails or read magazines. This may sound little like some existing smartphones, however it has lot of functionality that simply hasn’t been seen to date.
Like battery life. Samsung expects this to run for at least eight hours while running multimedia heavy applications. The Galaxy Tab also features video chat, with camera both back and front to facilitate those ‘arm-stretch’ shots. As it runs an Android operating system you’ll also have access to huge range of apps.
Expect to see more people using tablets and to being able to work wherever you are from convenient device. As Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in his closing keynote: “The future is here”.

Keep an eye out for:
Launched at the show last year, 3D is starting to become integrated in everything from TVs to laptops and cameras. Energy conservation and how to keep your devices constantly powered are another important consideration.
Panasonic 3D camcorder: For those who want to record every moment in HD and 3D, Panasonic presented the world’s first 3D camcorder for home use at IFA. The HDC-SDT750 consists of normal camcorder that comes with 3D conversion lens.
Innergie mCube Slim: Anyone who’s travelled with laptop will know how annoying bulky AC adaptor is to carry. The mCube Slim is tiny (18mm x 100mm), weighs 150g and won 2010 iF Design Award. It can also charge two devices simultaneously. Best of all, it comes with 10 tips to fit any laptop and as they know you’re going to lose it, you have lifetime free access to more.
Toshiba 3D TV range: If looks are important to you, Toshiba’s WL768 series of 3D enabled LED TVs have been designed in collaboration with Jacob Jensen. Features include Intelligent 3D and 3D Resolution+ and the by now de rigueur wireless LAN. This means that you get smooth motion (ideal for sport) and 3D image at near Full HD quality from side by side input signal. You will still need to don the glasses.

Networked cities are becoming more of reality but how will this affect your daily life? November’s ExecTech brings you peek at the future from the World Expo in Shanghai.

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