Life, the Universe & more ERB

While everyone is focused on the ERB it is perhaps timely to remember there is other employment legislation on the agenda as well. Greene & Hansen advises that the following is an update from Q&A session with the Minister of Labour at recent Health Sector conference.
1. Health and Safety Act Ñ Next after the ERB. It is priority because of the ACC changes and our health and safety record is not good. The Tranz Rail inquiry will be about understanding how culture of safety is not working in NZ.
2. Paid parental leave Ñ Due for enactment in 2001. Still the subject of party discussions as to who pays Ñ employers or the Government.
3. Holidays Act Ñ new one ready to go. Still being held up by the Labour/Alliance debate of three weeks versus four weeks annual leave. Likely to be the end of 2000 or early 2001.
4. Minimum code Ñ The work on this has not been done yet, but it is priority!
5. EEO legislation Ñ Due for enactment in 2001.
All these pieces of legislation have the same common theme as the ERB, ie:
? “IR law should have an emphasis on relations Ñ that is the primary difference between the ECA and the ERB.”
? “ERB is about an ongoing relationship and is part of the Government’s economic and social package.”
? “Good faith is fundamental component.”
? “The standard now is that of the ?good employer’.”

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