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AmCham Awards open

The 2016 AmCham – DHL Express Success & Innovation Awards, held in conjunction with Hawaiian Airlines, are now open for entries. They celebrate business achievement between New Zealand and the United States.

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Breaking the badness

For any organisation, workplace bullying leads to less organisational commitment, demotivation, job dissatisfaction and higher levels of absenteeism and resignations. 

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Top 200 for 2014 announced

The Deloitte Top 200 Awards were established in 1990 and are held annually to recognise and applaud outstanding individual and management team performances among New Zealand’s largest companies and trading

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Recruitment Leader of the Year Announced

Innovative global technology and recruitment services company, Talent International, has won ‘Recruitment Leader of the Year’ at the 2014 SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards (SARAs). The SARAs recognise the most accomplished

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Why you need digital skills to secure your next job

Can you understand and drive digital strategies? If not it’s time to learn how, because in our increasingly digital lives almost every job now has a digital element to it. That’s why employers are recruiting people who can understand and drive digital strategies.

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Sustainable 60 Awards Winners Announced

Winners of the Sustainable 60 Awards 2014 have been announced, with nine companies recognised as New Zealand’s most sustainable businesses. The annual Sustainable 60 Awards recognise sustainable business excellence in

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Reaching Generation Z

As the Millennials become just another generation in our workforce, marketers and employers alike are looking at the next wave of consumers/employees: The Homelanders* or Generation Z. Representing only 1.5 percent of the population more than the Millennials, these young people, born 1995 or later, make up 25.9 percent of the United States' population and contribute $44 billion to that country's economy. Moreover, they are different from their predecessors in a number of ways.

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Get your HR services in order before the end of the year

With New Zealand’s growing economy, it is fair to say many businesses have listed steady, sustainable growth as a key goal in 2014. However, with our positive economy comes increased employee confidence and the need for businesses to look after their staff and HR strategy now more than ever.

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Work and personal lives to blur

The boundaries between work and personal life may disappear as companies assume greater responsibility for the social welfare of their employees, according to PwC’s report, The future of work: A journey to 2022.

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Lazy lookers

Some other Hays research shows almost half of all New Zealanders are open to a new job but not actively looking for it. But if employees want to secure their next job they need to be proactive and apply. 

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Jobs up

The Hays’ findings seem to be confirmed by a 2.5 percent growth in the number of skilled jobs advertised online in June 2014. 

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Gender benders

Despite the plethora of evidence confirming the positive impact women have on organisational performance when they occupy senior executive roles and sit on boards of directors, gender diversity still struggles for traction at leadership levels.  

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Where are the women?

Kiwi entrepreneurs are taking flight – well the male of the species anyhow. According to a survey just released by global workplace provider Regus, 82 percent of New Zealand business professionals reported an increase in all types of entrepreneurs in the past five years.

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When time’s up

Getting rid of a CEO can be as expensive as keeping one. One of my preferred management writers, Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries, penned an interesting and insightful blog for Harvard Business Review recently in which he considers how long CEOs should stay in the job.

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Me too CEOs

And while on topic of generosity, CEOs are getting even bigger pay cheques according to a new report by the US-based Economic Policy Institute. But ah, there’s another trend accompanying this totally unsurprising revelation: CEO pay is rising even relative to compensation for the top 0.1 percent of America’s earners.

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Tim Downes

Intuitively creative

ASEAN country business leaders are more creative and intuitive than their Kiwi counterparts, also according to Thornton’s IBR International survey.

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Fit to work?

Kiwi workers believe there’s a strong link between workplace performance and staying in shape, according to HR services company Randstad. The firm’s latest Workmonitor survey suggests 70 percent of employees believe the quality of their work benefits when they exercise regularly.

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